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Dr.O.P. Singh Kande

Female Foeticide - Role of IMA


Past State President IMA Punjab

Member, State Advisory Committee (PNDT) Govt.of Punjab

Discrimination against the Girl Child begins before birth and the societal mind set is biased against her since times .This was in the form of wide spread Female Infanticide , when the girl child was done to death immediately after birth, which with advent of advance technology transformed into Female Foeticide i.e. killing the girl child in the womb, by knowing the Sex of the unborn child and more recently by selecting the sex-chromosomes to have pregnancy with sex of choice and thus not allowing the girls to come in the world . All the three phenomena are leading to the ‘missing girls’ and drastic fall in number of girl-children and thus a ‘skewed sex ratio’ which is going to have dangerous impact on coming generations and one can easily imagine , what will happen to society without “woman”. All members of society will have to think over its consequences & find out the ways and means to stop this but ‘doctors’ as a community Ethically committed to ‘protect the life’ have onus to stop the menace.

The role of a doctor in the process of Female Foeticide is to identify the victim i.e. Female Foetus . If a family with intentions to know the sex of the unborn child in womb of a pregnant women , approaches a doctor , its is moral , ethical and lawful duty of the doctor to ‘ Refuse’ revealing’ the sex of the foetus ( unborn child in womb) and should not do any act to identify the victim. If the doctor , with greed of making quick money acts in anyway to do sex determination he thus identifies the victim to be a ‘Female ‘ and becomes part of team of perpetuators of the crime of ‘killing’ as now the victim will be killed by abortionist – again a doctor ( may be qualified and unqualified ) . The unlawful activity of sex –determination and sex-selective abortions is a heinous crime and cannot be done without active participation of members of medical profession. Unfortunately the advent of technology has been widely and openly misused by medical profession to make quick money by exploiting societal mind set of ‘Son Preference’ and ‘Daughter dis-preference’.Indian Medical Association , established by the forefathers and doyens of Medical Profession in 1928 , with the aim to unite the medical professionals to fight for their rights and take part in Indian Freedom movement , to-day is the largest NGO of the WORLD and the single largest representative of the profession. The Association is no longer confined to doctors in private practice but have included Govt. doctors too as its members and today it represents 200000 doctors all over the country with 29 State Branches and 1800 local branches. The association takes care of the welfare of its members and has its duties to act as a ‘watch – dog’ to stop its members and other members of medical profession from indulging into any unlawful and immoral activity.

This was a initiative from IMA that Govt. was requested to constitute Appropriate Authorities in State under PNDT Act 1994 promulgated to check the heinous crime of Female Foeticide and association held first of its kind meet with religious leaders. IMA Punjab deserves the credit of giving first book on “Female Foeticide : A crime – Let us Fight it out” released on 18th.November 2001 and association published special bulletins and IMA News publications on Female Foeticide. The Association has taken the arduous task of making the members of medical profession , understand the implications of Sex-determination and Sex-selective abortions and have gone to the extant of mass awareness and taking active part in implementation of PNDT Act 1994 and accompany the inspecting and raiding parties to catch the doctors , violating the Act. Association have given full support to the Govt. and have now started playing a ‘Pro-active’ role by reporting cases of suspected sex-determination and sex-selective abortion, even if its members reporting such cases have to face wrath of their colleagues by way of threat to life, loss of practice and cases in Human Rights Commissions. Association has taken active part in administrating oath to its members to follow the PNDT Act and NOT TO do anything which will lead to Female Foeticide and not to do pre-selection of sex by Chromosomal separation. Association has also taken active part in public awareness by way of articles, posters , greeting cards and seminars, exhibitions and also holding seminars on awareness among their own fraternity members . Thus Indian Medical Association is committed to fight the menace of Female Foeticide with all its strength and will not protect any member of medical profession , indulging in any way in any activity leading to disturbance of sex-ration of the country , realizing our duty to create a healthy society.

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