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Dr.O.P. Singh Kande

About Amarinder Hospital

This is a multi-speciality hospital with all facilities of modern & well equipped air-conditioned operation theatre / having Electro -cautery / Boyle apparatus / Pulse-Oximeter / Ventilators / Defibrillator - ECG and other modern apparatus. All kinds of operations of General Surgery  and Trauma cases and poisoning cases of all kinds, are done. A Intensive care unit is maintained by the Under-signed himself. Cases of medicine requiring emergency treatment and intensive care and requiring respiratory support are tackled efficiently in this hospital.

Doctor in-charge of the hospital is having 42 years experience as a General Practitioner and specialist of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care well experienced in treatment of all kinds of Poisoning especially insecticide and Pesticide Poisoning . Running daily Clinic along with Indoor facility as a Family Physician and General practitioner of Medicine Surgery & Obstetrics apart from ICU treatment for all kinds of emergencies.

All kinds of Surgeries are also done with arrangements of Visiting Surgical Teams, having very good and satisfactory & long experience in the speciality concerned. We have encouraging results in the Past 30 years of working experience in this venture.  

We do take care of the Poor Patients and Senior Citizens for subsidized (even FREE treatment ) Indoor and O.P.D. Services and also Paid / Complimentary On-line Consultations too.

We also have links with Weight management Consultants for Obese People who need weight reduction for control of Diabetes and Hypertension etc. and to maintain steady weight.

Contact Informations

Nehchal Ghar, 16-Prem Nagar Bhadson Road, Patiala-147001

Phone : 0175-2362869

Mobile : +91-98140-41869

E-mail : opskande@gmail.com


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